Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dutch Blitz

Dutch Blitz is a fast pace exciting game filled with furious card placing action. Its pretty much the best card game ever. It is also arguably the favourite game of the Briggins household. Unfortunately both our sets of cards (yes we have 2) went missing. Of coarse the finger was pointed at me since I used to bring the cards to the Churchill's house on Sundays. But they have their own set but still I don't think my family thought I was completely innocent. But yesterday in an attempt to find a vase the cards were discovered and my innocence was proven.

So to commerate this great find I will do a little ranking of the best and worst Blitz players I have come across. (I'm not ranking myself because, you know...)

1. Mom - As long as you play before 10:30 p.m. she cleans house
2. Julia Churchill - she learned quickly, tends to win far too much for my liking. But when the action gets fast she usually freaks out. :P
3. My sister - I think she cheats
4. Ji-won - I know he cheats big time
5. Emily Churchill - she doesn't go out much but somehow always gets big points
6. Sarah Howitt - I've never seen her play but rumor has it she's good
7. Dave Marsh - The first time we played he sucked but the next time he was good
8. Dad - Usually brings up the rear in the Briggins family games
9. Allison Churchill - E for effort
10. Nathan Churchill - I've only played him a few times but he spends most of the games annoying the other people or farting
11. Jeremy Marsh - Yeah he's not a pro yet
12. Anna Howitt - I played her at camp once one weekend.
13. Ashley Bryden - She sucks, and she takes out her suckiness but cheating and making me get 99 instead of 100! Argghhh.
14. Chris Bryant - Probably the most annoying person to get within 3 feet of Blitz cards haha. Its funny though.
15. Jacob Greenslade - Lets just say he is a very very slow learner.
Julia playing Blitz and looking like a sped.


david j. marsh said...

I think I picked the game up pretty good I petition I be ranked better especially becuase there are cheaters ahead of me.

david j. marsh said...

Chris is a freaking spaz when he plays this game It is hilarious to watch

Julia said...

mannn sped is a harsh word. it is a horrible picture though.
I LOVE beating you at this game.

Briggins said...

You've called me sped so many times I don't feel any guilt calling you one.

nathan said...

i don't fart!

chris bryant said...

Do i spaz really?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am writing to officially protest my ranking behind someone whose claim to fame is farting and annoying people. Even if this doesn't bump me into the top ten I know that I could beat up most of the people on the list. I suddenly feel better about myself.
Respectfully submitted, Jeremy