Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm going to turn into a superhero

Yes that is right, I am going to turn into a superhero. I'll explain why and how. It is from a combination of being a) cloned this week apparently. b) having my teeth cleaned. c) getting my flu shot. and d) being blasted with x-rays today.

a.) So I already explained that I have been cloned. I guess that is so if anything goes wrong with me we have a back up system in place. And if you know anything about X-Men you know that at the end of X-3 Proffessor X was talking about moving consciousness from one to another. Lets just say me and proffessor X are fairly tight.

b.) My teeth were cleaned by proffesionals. And you know how you are supposed to spit out all the crap they clean your mouth with? Well I didn't spit it all out, I drank some. That in itself doesn't give me super powers but combining that with part c and d helps activate those super clean formulas I swallowed.

c.) They stuck a needle with flu vaccine into my arm. I didn't even feel it. But I went home and fell asleep, had some crazy dreams, woke up and my arm was sore. I'm sure that I'm just developing a bionic arm or something.

d.) I got X-Rays blasted at my body today at the hospital. I mean how much more Marvel Superhero like can you get than that?

Put them all together and better watch out. But I'll remember what my uncle said; "With great power comes great responsibility."

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jula said...

are you fire proof too?