Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Letters to the Editor

The Dutch Blitz rankings caused quite a stir and a birrade of complaints from certain individuals concerning their placement. Here are some of the responses I got followed by the response I'm giving you!

david j. marsh said...
I think I picked the game up pretty good I petition I be ranked better especially becuase there are cheaters ahead of me.

You did pick up fairly good after intially sucking horribly. A wiseman once said cheaters never proseper but I say cheaters always win.

Julia said...
mannn sped is a harsh word. it is a horrible picture though.I LOVE beating you at this game.

You've called me sped far too many times in my life, its starting to cause emotional termoil. I'm going to need professional help. And you LOVE beating me at this game? I guess because it doesn't happen too often eh?

nathan said...
i don't fart!

Then what else do you call those stinky squekers that come out of your rear end? I don't know what you Churchills call it but in the rest of the world we call them farts.

chris bryant said...
Do i spaz really?

Sometimes the best way to respond to a question is with another question. Is Ghana hot?

david j. marsh said...
Chris is a freaking spaz when he plays this game It is hilarious to watch

Dave has authority and he says you spaz Chris so I guess that is a yes.

Anonymous said...
Dear Sir,I am writing to officially protest my ranking behind someone whose claim to fame is farting and annoying people. Even if this doesn't bump me into the top ten I know that I could beat up most of the people on the list. I suddenly feel better about myself.Respectfully submitted, Jeremy

Well it was pretty anonymous until I saw the name at the end. My only advice for who to move into the top ten is learn how to fart better (or worse, whichever way you look at it) and annoy people more. Regarding the beating up people ahead of you on my list; do you realize that my mother is listed there? The woman who gave birth to me, who brought me into the world? It gives you comfort you could beat her up? There is no chance though you could beat up Ji-won, he knows his stuff. He could pull out some dirty karate chop and have you yelping for your dear life.

But you did add respectfully submitted at the end, I respect that respectfully.


Anonymous said...

ummm, these things are mean Briggs.
this is the only update I think that I don't like.

david j. marsh said...

I actually found this kinda of funny i sure chuckled from it. It somewhat brightened my day.