Monday, November 27, 2006


Wow, three days in a row with no comments. I don't think I can handle this. I'll have to create fictional characters to tell me about how cool I am.
Its only one month until boxing day woot.
And also I changed the look of my blog sort of. I hate the colour green, why was my blog green in the first place? I added a Chargers feed as well. Its either that or U2, what would people prefer? Also if you want a link to your blog or webpage just let me know and I will add it.

Also my Chargers beat my fathers Raiders yesterday. LT had 2 rushing TDs and 1 throwing TD. He is a machine. Enough said.


Dave said...

Why don't you put both of them, I put @U2, TSN, CBC NS and CBC Canada. THe more the better I say. Come up with something better to write

Jenn said...

I left a comment on White and Nerdy but it didn't work:( I think it's funny that in Novemeber you have 28 posts and in the other months you have less then 10. You're a true blogger!

Briggins said...

Yes I had a revalation at the end of October thanks to alison trenholm.

Sean McMullen said...

it seems that blogs are only written so that you can gain feedback or comments if you will. It is encouraging though to see that someone read your blog and felt inclined to reply to it.

Does it make you tingle to see that someone left a comment about your latest blog?

I liked the use of the word 'woot'. keep up the good work my brothers friend