Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Adventurers

Yesterday was one of those days where you just never know who you will see, the things you'll see, the things you'll wear, or the places you will go.

The day started with a theraputic message (i.e. it hurts). Then I took the bus over to the Churchill residence where I ate breakfast. Then then the adventure began. Our crazy driver Julia decided to take the vehicle along the twisty turny roads leading out to Peggys Cove. We ended up following a really slow car most of the time who was going 85 in a 70 zone. Whats up with that? We also got to see a Brookside gangster in his natural habitat (walking on the side of the road). It was a worthy of a 30 minute documentary on National Geographic.

At Peggys Cove the tide was really high and the waves were big. Oh and should I mention it was also flurrying and smelt like eggs? Yeah it was pretty nasty but it was cool since I usually only see Peggys Cove in the warm summer. Now judging by these two pictures below who would you say is the highly intellectual intelligent human being? Me, the thinker on the rock with the crashing wave? Or Julia sticking her foot into an icey pool? I must say Julia's face in that picture makes me crack a smile everytime I see it, it really captures the coldness and initial shock. There is just something beautiful about rushing water, crashing waves, the spray coming off the crest of waves, and the sounds and smells of the ocean. The trip was a fun one, with lots of photo ops so we have something interesting to put on our blogs rather than just writing about music and other random stuff using google images. Good idea, Juwia, I had fun. Until the next adventure, farewell.

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Julia said...

hehe. maybe mine is longer, but yours is definitly better written.. I am just NOT blessed with that gift.
Good update.
and yes, you did talk craziness about sacrificing snowflakes..