Friday, December 08, 2006


I feel like I've been trapped in some Sesame Street episoide. Why? Well because all the music I've been listening to this week for the most part has started with the letter R. (or the sound R) First my obsession with Radiohead has gone on for about a month now. And also I've been listening to Razorlight quite abit since, well the end of the summer. And then this week I got an R.E.M. cd from Chris and have been listening to that alot. I like bands who mention Elephants, Orange Crush, Dr. Seus, Circadian Rythms, Elvis, and many other creative things. And then every night this week I've been listening to the Rcade Fire. I know it is the arcade fire but for the sake of sesame street we'll pretend it is Rcade. I've also been listening to Thom Yorke, but hes the lead singer of Radiohead so we'll classify him as an R as well.
p.s. I coloured that picture in MS Paint, isn't it great?

What other words do I like that start with R?

-Rivier-du-loup (its near Rimouski)
-reak havoc
-rarrrr (says Beth)
-Rick Flair (the dirtbag wrestler)

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Sean McMullen said...

riggins, r'en't rambling relentlessly?