Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Summer Part 4

We left off at Family Camp during our last installment of the "Summer" series, a break through low-budget documentry series exclusively on CBC. Okay so I just had to make fun of CBCs dumb programs. (Do people actually still want to watch Cornation Street everyday?)

Jr. Teens II
After family camp came Jr. Teens II. Like Jr. Teens I, I was co-councilling with the Dave again. We had a very interesting cabin. We had a few kids who were really polite and geniuses. (I mean one of the guys had pi memorized to the 9th or 10th digit. I can't get past 3.14) We also had a camper who didn't brush his teeth the whole week, but rather used a little bottle of Scope he found. I won't mention and names *cough* Nathan *cough*. We also had perhaps the most rancid smelling pair of shoes I have ever smelt in the cabin. They also had wheels, perhaps the worst combo you can get with shoes. I made him keep them outside in a plastic bad they were that bad. Sam was an unforgettable camper. I've never seen a Jr. High boy ask so many girls out. I wish I had more to write about that week, but my memory has sort of run out. I did end up proposing to Beth that week with a $0.75 ring pop that I mooched off some camper who had excess money left over. (Working tuck the last day is a good plan as kids whose parents thought they would need $20 of candy have lots of extra to spend on their wonderful councillors.)

Sr. Teens II
Well this was quite the unforgettable week. My campers included Mitch, Jacob, Dan, and Mark. 4 guys that I was friends with before hand. So it was like hanging out all week. We had some awesome devo times as a cabin. Most of the time we went a good hour or so overtime just because we were so wrapped up in the convos. It was quite special. And then there was the goat. Nobody in cabin 4 will ever forget the goat. Some people will be scarred for the rest of their life because of the goat. We also had a good chuckle when our severly obesse camper ended up breaking the support beam on his bunk. (You're not really fat :P)
It was also fun having my sister and two of my cousins there. They were in my biking group and we had some good times looking like nerds on bikes and going down the big hill just hoping the Sysco truck wouldn't be coming the other way or something. It was a great honor to present the male biking award to my cousin Christopher. He had the fastest time of any of the guys there in Sr. Teens. I won't mention that he was the only guy in the biking group. And Beth edged out my cousin by a few seconds to win the female biking award.
It was fun working with Luke Doc too. He is really good at Chess and destroyed me in less than 5 moves I think. We also had a big fight with pretend guns which involved us chasing a real deer around the motel unit pretending we were hunting it.?. Slightly weird I know but pretty funny to chase wildlife. There was also the wicked sweet banana moon sunset the night of the campfire. I didn't know the moon could do that, it was pretty awesome. Oh and one other cool thing was when Julia came back to the East Coast and suprised us all at camp on Friday. It was nice seeing her again.

And another highlight, they had Pepsi at tuck. I kind of love Pepsi and ended up buying/drinking 13 cans that week. Probably not too good for me.

College and Careers
Well I told everybody including myself that after Sr. Teens I was done with camp for the summer. But I was going through some withdrawl so I decided to go back with Ash and Karen and suprise everybody. I got quite the hug from Dave. Well I am so glad I went back because we had an awesome half week. It was fun being there as a camper instead of a councillor. I still got up early in the morning and went to staff meeting but it was fun being the kid who keeps everybody up at night by laughing and talking. SOO many hilarious thing happened that week. The image in my head of Ryan being sat on by Adam will never be erased from memory. Adam also reminded us not to make friends with salad. Everytime he said it we just about died from laughter. And then the last night I almost choked on laughter as me, JGill, Chris, Jacob, and Ryan made Bump n' Grind jokes for hours and hours at night. I have not laughed that hard in my life. And then we were told in some colourful language to shut up. Oh man it was priceless. The guys also picked out our clothes to match and went everywhere together like a pack of jr. high girls. And who could forget the nightly reading of the Hockey News by Josh. All that insight has paid off as I currently rest in 2nd place in the hockey pool.


ROBIN! said...

hey Sir! =0)
I love reading about your summer..especially the last part about the half week..it was wicked funny as an outsider to the jr. high girls that you became... but to hear the inside scoop is awesome. =0) Good to know you enjoyed it that much. talk with you soon. YOU ARE FINISHED SCHOOL...GET EXCITED!! =0)

Dave said...

Oh man briggsy, I got quite the chuckle out of this one there was sure some funny goings on the last couple of weeks. Wow that seems like so long ago now crazy.

beth konrath said...

hahaha, i like the updates. :)
the pictures are pretty funny ! LOL
hope all is going well with the last of your exams!