Monday, January 22, 2007

I know how to open a can of worms.

On Facebook I made a 'Patriots Suck' group and have received quite a few messages from people not too happy with the fact I say they suck. Here is one message:

"now, I am not a pats fan, but you look like a (not nice word that starts with f was here) idiot running a group like this. You obviously can't take the fact that they do not suck, they happen to be the most dominant football team of the last two decades. You also obviously don't like the sport of football, because if you did you would respect the amazing football New England has played. If you can't take this criticism, go watch the arena league"

Right, I don't like football. I'm glad somebody noticed.


Anonymous said...

Clearly this person knows football. Truly this person is right when they say that the Pats are one of the most dominant teams of the past decades, I'll admit. But with teams like the Chargers (9 ProBowlers, NFL MVP and the most points for in the league) and the Indy Colts and the Legendary Peyton Manning, they must'nt know football to disregard teams such as that. In other words, the guy is oblivious to the outside world of football.

Briggins said...

Even I'll admit the Pats have been perhaps the most dominant NFL team in the past 5 years but that doesn't make me like them.

Tim said...

Good job. Keep up the good work.