Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

My good friend Rex Oliver sent me this touching e-mail today:

Hey there, I am sending a special valentines wish to you. I am working and thought of you hopefully your out with your husband enjoying a nice dinner. If not may this email come to you and fill you full of cheer.
have a great evening, sorry I didnt send this sooner I have been very busy with work.

if you get this tomorrow than have a great day after valentines day.

love you

Unfortunately I do not have a valentine (or a husband). I think Rex has the wrong man errr woman.


beth konrath said...

hahahaha thats funny !
you got more valentimes emails than i did; i didnt even get ONE!!! :(

Alison said...

Are you suggesting that you would like to have a husband?!?

Briggins said...

That came out wrong haha