Thursday, February 22, 2007

Heroes Part II

My second hero is Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was the first African South African Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa. The reason he is a hero is because of his work both against apartheid and AIDS. Apartheid for those of you who don't know was racial segregation in South Africa that favoured those of European background. More Info
Tutu supported a boycott against his country because of the way it was ruled. He wanted reconciliation between everyone involved in apartheid. He spoke against the violence that some anti-apartheid groups used and he denounced terrorism and communism. In 1984 he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

He is a hero of mine because of the way that he isn't afraid to tackle the big issues in life such as AIDS and racial segregation. He is also a hero because of the way he does this, through forgiveness and love, not hate and violence.

More info on Tutu

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