Friday, March 02, 2007

Thank goodness the weekend is here. And its a white one. This past week was filled with some major cramming for my chemistry midterm but I think it payed off. It kind of stunk being so busy this week because Alex was back home from Quebec for the week. I did manage to get down to the ice with her on Sunday afternoon. It was a really nice day out but warm weather means not so good ice conditions. And it was also windy, but wind on big open ponds means you can fly across the ice without moving a muscle. And today I finally got a McChicken from Alex. It has kind of been an inside joke between us for the past two years that she was going to buy me one. I can't even remember why she owed me one. So that was kind of fun to get today. Those things taste darn good. And so do their cheeseburgers, and Big Macs, and their fries.....I'm a Big M addict.

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