Monday, April 16, 2007

More than 50 words

I haven't written anything exciting for the past week or so. I've been fairly busy studying and watching playoff hockey. But school will be over in a week and one day. :0) And then it will be time to find a job.

So since its something to write about I will talk about my first year of university. I was pretty nervous back in September. Luckily that didn't last really long. I'd love to say that I had an awesome year and met a whole bunch of cool new people, but I can't. Sure there were a few cool people that I didn't know before but nobody I would hang out with on a regular basis. Instead it was cool just hanging out with some old friends at Dal.

The first class I had was economics. Half the time I would be asleep or dosing off, and the other half I would have the earphones on trying to stay awake. My old buddy from elementary and jr. high Nick Green was in that class which was awesome. Back in grade 5 we were the top students in the class. (We tied) And then the next year we met our friend Phil and our smartness has been in a steady decline since than. We had some good memories this year going down to Subway before our midterms, then going back to the Computer Science building to 'study' but usually we just ended up fooling around and not getting much work done. Maybe our marks were proof of that. (Well I did improve greatly second semester). What I learned from economics is I don't want to be an economist.

(to be continued....)

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