Thursday, June 07, 2007


Congrats to the Ducks!


Anonymous said...

i had a great feeling when scott handed the cup not to any of the bigger better players on the team first but to his little brother. its the kindof stuff you see in disney movies. i loved it.


Jenn said...

Yes, i am sad that the Sens didn't win, but it's good that the Canadians on the team won though! Does Anaheim even know what the Stanley Cup is?? Haha, kidding. It was a good series though

Jenn said...

p.s. I love Ducks.. ducks that swim in the water that is.

Anonymous said...

only one long series in the entire playoffs! what a rip!


julia said...

I'm just happy it's over!!:)
haha had to be said... otherwise i would be out of character.