Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things I'm thankful for

Today I cleaned carpets at a nasty big ol' house. The people were nice but they made me appreciate some things in life that I take for granted.

A). Sometimes I take it for granted how hard my mother works around the house to keep it tidy. Everybody in my family pitches in but she goes the extra mile. And that makes a big difference. Its nice to have floors that aren't covered in junk and to have standards.

B). I have one cat who doesn't shed alot, vomit on furniture, or piss on the carpet.

C). Nobody in my family smokes, and when I was a baby my mother didn't smoke.

D). And I just thank You, Father for making me me.


julia said...

causeeeeee you gave me a heart, and you gave me a smile,
you gave me Jesus and you made me your child...

Jenn said...

Julia, i found that song on the internet, SO GOOD! We definately should sing it this summer.