Sunday, June 17, 2007


So this weekend was an action-packed-never-a-dull-moment type of weekend. I all started on Friday when I hung out with Chris Cameron and played Mario Party 8 for the Wii for 5 hours straight while drinking 2L each of Pepsi/Coke (You can guess which one I had). Now I want to buy a Wii.
Saturday was highlighted by the marriage of Josh and Sarah MacIssac. (I don't think I have any pictures sorry). It was a nice ceremony, and it was nice to have Dave back for the weekend. Later that evening me and Dave escaped the square dancing time at the reception and went over to Birch Cove to see the Contact (More on that later). When we got back to the church after the concert square dancing was still in full-swing. Being the fine looking gentlemen Dave and I are, we were swept up by some fine ladies and also square danced. I had no clue what was going on. It made calculus seem like a breeze.
And today I went up to Pugwash to visit my grandfather, and that turned into quite the adventure as well, but I'm not going to blog about it.

So back to the Contact;
They played a show at Birch Cove, it was a cd release party for their new album Canvas Tears. I must say they are a band that just keep getting better and better live each show they play. I saw them play on New Year's Eve when the new material was raw and in its early stages.
Quite a few people I talked to didn't like it that much. I for one loved it simply because the material was new, fresh, and more experimental and the band was taking more risks. Fast forward six months and the songs sound great live. The thing that really stuck out to me last night was Nate's drumming, one element of the Contact that had never really blown me away up until that point. I also loved Jordan's keys; especially during the end of Black Sea. It gave me the chills you only get when music blows you off your feet. I hadn't experienced that for quite a while.
I'm not going to talk about them anymore though since I will be doing an album review of Canvas Tears at some point this week after I listen to it a few more times and really let it sink in.
In the meantime you can watch a few videos that Dave shot last night.

The Contact - Wake Up

The Contact - Canvas Tears

The Contact - Outro (cool drumming)

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julia said...

aww I wish I was able to be at that concert. booo for babysitting.