Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Junior Teens II August 5-10

Speaker:Hudson Trenholm
Director(s): Paul and Shelley Munnings ( feat. Owen and Grace)
Blown over trees: quite a few

By this point in the summer the energy levels and health of all the staff were starting to decrease but that did not prevent junior teens two from being an awesome camp. Paul and Shelley had a well planned week of games that aren't always the camp norm. All the campers were split into four groups; the Tourists, the Surfers, the Vendors, and the Entertainers. Now the Surfers made quite the splash and ended up winning the big prize, but I am glad to say as leader of the Tourists that we had the best cheer. A big reason I enjoyed the games so much was because I was able to dress up for pretty much all of them. First of all there was the game phobia where the campers had to guess what the staff were afraid of or what was wrong with them. We also played a game called "Underground Church" commonly known as Romans and Christians. It was a good game because it simulated the type of decisions Christians have to make in various parts of the world have to make when practicing their religion is not tolerated by the government. It was also fun to dress up as a Roman. Sir Aloicious the Vicious also was able to make another appearance, but you will meet him at a later date. We also played a game with resources which was fun since we got to dress up, but beyond that I don't have any good stories about it.
versions of the night games I've played in a long time. Grogs was awesome because I pretty much ended up being a complete freak following Julia around the woods all nigThe two night games we played, Grogs and Mission Impossible, turned out to be the bestht scaring the crap out of her. Mission Impossible (a game which this summer I have grown to hate) was amazing because the cabin was unbelievably quiet and stayed together, a rarity for a group of boys regardless of age.
And while we're on the topic of my cabin, I must say I enjoyed hanging out with them all week very much. Half of the cabin was obsessed with basketball. Having played fantasy basketball the past two years I was able to talk to them about the NBA somewhat. But when it came to my skills on the court, well lets just say the skills were lacking. The other half of the cabin were hilarious and pretty crazy. I ended up having a Turban club at the front of the chapel where a few of us would wear turbans for the first couple songs. Every morning I would wake up the cabin to David Bowie's Lets Dance. It was quite funny because all of the cabin except for one guy would be up dancing trying to wake this one sleepy head camper up. Melville, a very intelligent camper I must add, memorized the entire lyrics after only two listens and sang it a couple times. It was priceless. Any Bowie fan would be proud.
This week for twin meal I couldn't find a twin so I made a twin. His photo is further below.
Another memorable moment of the week was when we awoke Thursday (?) morning to witness a huge storm taking place outside. The wind was super powerful, you could lean back or forward into it and have you push you up. The waves were also the biggest I have seen there in quite a few years. The water came up way past the lifeguard stand and really altered the beach landscape. And it also pushed in the plethora of seaweed as I mentioned in a previous post.

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