Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Fresh Wednesday

Since it is Wednesday, I will write about New Fresh Jumpsuit Hump Day Wednesdays which we had every Wednesday at camp. As you may have heard through the rumor mill, we had a theme this summer at camp which was New Fresh. It started when we were rehearsing for the epic skit that the full timers performed every week. Much to Karen's annoyance, Chris and I along with a few others, pretended that during the practices that we were doing a behind the scenes look at a "New Fresh" skit. The name was later on given to Karen for her laundry day.
While at first it was just a joke it soon hit all of us that it would be a good motto or theme to have all summer. I guess the first time we realized this was when we started throwing it around in our prayers as we wished to remain new fresh in all we do. Being new fresh means not just doing everything the same by routine and having the camp schedule just become mundane and boring. It means doing random things to spice up the day and letting your creative juices flow to encourage others.
Every Wednesday to celebrate New Fresh, Josh and I would wear jumpsuits to staff meeting. Usually as Josh led the meetings he would shake up the schedule or do something New Fresh so it wasn't just like every other staff meeting.
We also had the New Fresh award which was handed out weekly (for the most part) to a staff member who demonstrated New Fresh that week. So for example Ryan received it one week for leading the Drama rotation because usually gals lead the rotation, but Ryan was New Fresh and led it. He did an excellent job I might add. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the award, but I'm sure one will appear one of these days. Instead I'll help you paint a mental picture in your head.
So sit back, turn off the TV and all other distractions. Count from 40 to 31 backwards. Now picture a large wooden stump. Now picture it being in the shape of a turtle's head and being painted green with two huge white eyes and a red mouth. Thats what the new fresh award looked like.

And a message to all the full time staff; just because we are not at camp does not mean the Hubert cannot be used for fun filled New Fresh adventures.

p.s. thats not me in the picture wearing the jumpsuit, but I don't think anybody ever took one of me or Josh while we wore them, so instead a photo of Ashley modeling the jumpsuit will have to do.

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