Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Quote of the day (so far):
"Its not all higilty-pigilty"
- said by my professor in Geology. After she said it, me and the guy beside me just burst out laughing while nobody else found it funny. What a sad sad world we live in.

Consecutive Days I've Missed the Bus: Two
I'm going to have to learn to either get ready faster (i.e. less enjoyable shower) or get up earlier. I'll go with option 2.

Days since I've played soccer: over a month
Tonight I play with a co-ed dal team known as Nuns on the Run. Hope I'm not super out of shape.

Dan sightings today: One

He just walked past me. (Thats ones for you Juwia)


Tim said...

How about just not showering in the morning. That way you get to sleep longer! Showering is over rated.

julia said...

showering is not overrated. especically when i have to sit next to you in bio.

I saw Dano today too!! In front of the SUB, wearing these lame-o white sunglasses. What is with those things anyway??!

Heart you bwiggie.

Jenn said...

Dan sighting...once. 3 rows up from me in class. I admired the back of his head.

Briggins said...

I agree, those white shades are el-lameO