Thursday, October 04, 2007

101 Uses for A Patriots Jersey

I bought a Patriots jersey dirt cheap when I went to the game. But of course I'm not going to be walking around wearing it, so I have come up with some alternate uses for it!A welcome mat for my cat as she goes to her litter box.
Its microwaves safe!
Very good for cleaning up big messes.
A stress remover.
Problem: No more toilet paper.
Solution: Use Patriots jersey. Its better than 2-ply.
A toilet protector.
A home for fruit flies.


beth said...

hahaha i love this post. halirous

Anonymous said...

Briggins, I used to think you were funny. Pats apparel should never be desecrated in such fashion...


ChestyMcGee said...

I might be a Pats fan but this is still pretty darn funny, my Eagles fan of a mate'd love this!