Monday, October 01, 2007

In Rainbows

The plan for the blog tonight was to give it a face lift since it is October 1st and the air is cooling off as fall creeps in. Well that WOULD have happened if I didn't hear from Jacob about Radiohead announcing today the release of their new album.
Now usually when it is announced when an album will come out, you have to wait for months and months. Well I only have to wait 9 days! The CD will not actually be out on shelves until 2008 sometime since the band does not have a record deal yet.
On October 10th you can download the cd. The thing is you get to chose the price. You can pay anything from $0 to $1 000 000.
Then in December you can get a discbox which a bunch of goodies. Its genius.

And to celebrate/torture myself. I have created the Don't Listen to Radiohead until October 10th challenge. I am an obsessive listener. Here is proof.
This means no cds, Radiohead on my mp3 player, live concerts, dvds, bootlegs, etc. Jacob is also taking it.
So tonight I got out a box, and put all my Radiohead cds and dvds into the box and will keep it closed until October 10th.


Annie said...

Very impressive Briggins! Your preparations for In Rainbows seems to be in good order!! I told my mum to hide them from me so there is no chance of me listening to them... except on the computer... but I won't! Good luck mate! =]
~ Annie (anniep_93)

julia said...

So proud of you. haha.

Sean McMullen said...

briggs you are full of 'no surprises'.

you that's pretty clever don't you boy. it's all just a nice dream so do forget that true love waits.

true love waits.