Sunday, November 04, 2007

Concert Review - The Contact

November 3rd, 2007: The Attic, Halifax,
Fellow Concert Goers: Dave Marsh, Julia Churchill
Bands: The Pact, Air Traffic Control, The Contact

First off apologies that the pictures aren't that great. The combination of non-ideal lighting, band in motion, my unsteady hand, and a non-super expensive camera prevented stellar pictures.
It was nice to wind down the week by going to the concert with Dave, Julia, and Burtie. I enjoyed talking to Tim and Jordan for a while and before hand while the other bands were up. Thank goodness Tim gave us earplugs because The Pact and my eardrums weren't friends.
The Contact put on a good show, it was nice to see the way the songs have "matured" since I first heard them back in June. The best song by far was Black Sea. It seems each time I hear it, the song just keeps getting better and better. They really know how to rock out! I also continue to love the way that Jordan is so into it on the keys and when Tim comes to the front and is swaying with his bass making it look like he's about to knock the people in front of him out. I also enjoyed Major Tom and Geoff's little history lesson on the song beforehand (even though I knew the history already). Nathan also did a good job both drumming and communicating with the crowd. A highlight was when he gave a dude a Tambourine during My Divine since there was no cowbell.
All in all a good show and I recommend seeing them live whenever you have the chance. And buy their album too! Because it is excellent.


Tim said...

Jon, thanks for comin' out!

dave said...

That show was amazing!!! Best that I have ever heard them they were solid. Some of the stuff Nathan does on the drums is insane one the best drummers in the city.