Saturday, November 24, 2007

Grades 3-5 July 15-20

Speaker: Peter Mathieson and his sidekick Jan Soltek
Director: The brother/sister combo of Jordan Draper and Bethany Draper
Birthday boy: Me

3-5 camp is the camp that I dread. I have nightmares before hand. Visions of little boys who eat way too much candy and won't listen. Boys who are trouble makers and pick on people with even the smallest flaws. Counselors having their patience tested, not getting much sleep, and counting down the minutes until their parents come and take them away. Well this week none of that was true. I had most of the kids I had the year before, but the whole "New Fresh" attitude worked wonders this week. I actually ended up talking to/hanging out with the so called nightmare kids from the year before. It was fun just eating candy with them and letting them stay up later than I usually do...stuff like that.
A major highlight of the week was making an instant buddy with Jan Soltek. Being from Calgary and being a big Flames fan automatically makes you cool. There were plenty of laughs to be had between us, especially about the glow worm and skull and crossbones during the animal game.
It was fun having my birthday at camp this year too. It has happened quite a bit over the years but this year was awesome for a number of reasons. First of all and most importantly I didn't get thrown into the ocean like the year before (Julia is lots of awesome). Secondly I got kisses from all the female staff on the cheek (and Ryan too). Thirdly we had a staff party that night where we played What If, the animal game, and ate lots and lots of udderly divine ice cream up at B&Es. When you go weeks without peanut butter, having ice cream with peanut butter is pretty much the best thing that can happen to you.
The theme of the week was a medieval theme. Jordan and Bethany organized a variety of fun themed activities such as; everybody making swords, shields, helmets, and other armor out of cardboard, a jello filled kiddy pool with two real dragons (well Peter and Josh), a feast with live entertainment in the form of dancing to songs. Most of the videos for that are up on facebook if you haven't seen them. It was nice to see one of my favourite and criminally underrated U2 song "Red Light" get its 15 seconds of fame when Karen and Nikki's cabin did a dance to it.

Other random scribbles:
Story time
Micah - "Awthuhhhhhh, youwah supposed to be gawding the pywonnnnn!!"
Mitch singing
Trip to the hospital
Stupid monkeys that hurt your thumbs

The End


julia said...

you loved those bday kisses. One of my girls had poison ivy that week and you came LOOKING for your kiss from me because i missed bfast bday kisses. haha.

Briggins said...

haha, I'm sure that wasn't the sole purpose of why I found you.

Jenn said...

One of OUR girls Julia!

I wish my birthday was at camp. Although all the girls did get "birthday kisses"