Monday, November 19, 2007

Grades 5-7 July 22 - July 27

Speaker:Craig Wilmot
Director: Glenn Leiper
Time it took to be completely drenched in sweat: negative 2 minutes

This week was probably the hottest of the summer. It seemed like you constantly wanted to either jump into the ocean, jump into the shower, stand in front of a fan, or wanted to always be changing into dry sweat-free clothes. I think the most popular person on the grounds that week though was Ryan Waterman a.k.a Kitchen boy. Some of the girls loved him! And I mean follow/chase him around everywhere. It was mildly disturbing.

For some strange reason I can barely find any pictures from this week. Maybe it was just too hot to take pictures? Okay, now for some other highlights. Bruno the Bible bear came back. He was found extremely fast. Luckily this year there was not as much Bruno hate going on as the year before. They guys in my cabin that week were great. I had to play the tooth fairy as Evan lost one of his teeth. Unfortunately when Drew lost one of his teeth the next night I didn't have any more change to put under his pillow. (Disclaimer-These teeth came out naturally, not as the direct result of their counselor). Trail biking that week was also lots of fun, the best part being the fact that the girls were faster than the boys (except for two of the guys). It was also a great group to play Apples to Apples with.

Craig Wilmot did a great job speaking. He brought some funny stories and lots of bags of chips. He had a game where if he said your word during his sermon you would get a bag of chips for your cabin. Another thing he and Glenn did was give you a dollar off at tuck only if you asked for it. Craig also provided some good ideas for me to include in a scavenger hunt during family camp.

Well thats all the memory bank has. Feel free to add anymore highlights in the comment box.

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