Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 in Music album 2

2. Young Galaxy - Young Galaxy
443 listens since mid-October mus mean this band is good. I also saw them live this year and was equally impressed with their concert as I was with their debut full length self-title debut. Rarely do you get an album where every song is solid from beginning to end. But that is the case with this album. The strengths of this band include the beautiful voices of both Stephan Ramsay and Catherine McCandless, both of whom display a variety of vocal styles throughout the album. The album has a somewhat dark mood throughout, almost a cold feel. It deals with issues of loneliness, religion, politics, love, heartache, growing up and everything else under the sun. I highly recommend this CD as it is a masterpiece I have fallen in love with.
Favourites: Wailing Wall, Lazy Religion, Searchlight, Swing Your Heartache Outside The City

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