Friday, January 25, 2008

Movie Review: U2 3D

Last night I saw U2 3D with some friends. Lets just say it blew us all away. Just in case you haven't heard a U2 movie just came out in IMAX filmed in 3D. The majority of the footage was shot in South America during the Vertigo Tour.
The movie is more of an interactive experience than just a movie you sit and enjoy. The way it is filmed you sometimes felt like you were right on stage with the band and they were walking towards you or Adam was going to conk you in the head with his bass as he swayed to the beat. It was neat too when the cameras showed fans up on shoulders waving their hands around, it was like they were actually in front of you blocking your view. I was sort of expecting the whole thing to be a little bit cheesy, like lots of words and graphics on the screen, but the only time that happens is during the Fly when your senses are bombarded with sight and sound.
While the set list was rather predictable (mostly just hit songs they played every show) it was neat to see and hear the songs on a 40-ft screen with amazing sound. The highlight for me was when they played Miss Sarajevo. Up until that song I was sitting in a theater enjoying a film. But during that song I forgot that I was in a comfy seat sipping Iced Tea, but rather felt like I was actually at the show and could really connect with the songs. That song always gives me chills, but on such a big screen the emotions were even stronger.
If you are a U2 fan I highly recommend going to see this, it is well worth the money. If you are not a U2 fan I still recommend going as you will most likely recognize the majority of the songs. And plus it is just neat, the technology behind it and everything.

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