Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do You Like Rock Music?

On the night of March 25th, 5 guitar hero pros (and by pros I mean n00bs) came together to hold a tournament of epic proportions. The set list was Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Barracuda, Knights of Cydonia, and Welcome to the Jungle. Onob cleaned up points wise, although if C-bals stuck around all night he could have given Onob a run for his money. Terd Ferguson got off to a rough start but picked it up. U'nkle Jemima can not use the wammy bar. Thom Fork doesn't hit all his notes because he is too busy taking his shirt off and playing behind his head.

See if you can guess who was who. (answers next post)

Sorry there is no sound.

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Anonymous said...

What U'nkle Jemima lacks on the whammy bar he makes up for in heart.