Friday, March 28, 2008

IQ Drop

I hope to never hear the word "like" again. For the full bus ride home, it was just me and two other random girls. Unfortunately their speech was completely saturated with the word like.

They seriously said like before, like every thought and like they had to tell the story like really loud. And like now I know all about like what happened at school and how like this one guy Sebastian wanted to like meet them like in the hall.

Frig it was brutal. I could feel that super frustrated feeling inside of me building up. I almost told them to shut up, and I almost just got off the bus. In the end I just had to crank up the Radiohead to extreme volumes to drown them out.

I recorded part of the conversation on my mp3 player (yeah I'm a creep), just so I could calculate their LPM (likes per minute). In a 22 second recording I counted 7 likes, which is far too many per minute.

So please please please if you have to tell a story do not use the word like between every thought or somebody like me will almost become a murderer.


beth konrath said...

send me that convo brigs!! haha

Jeff said...

Thats why God invented earphones and music!! It becomes a weekly occurrence with me to drown stuff out with music.

alli said...

Like oh my goodness like briggins like that is like the most hilarious like story ever like! Oh're funny. you made me laugh out loud seriously. I was sitting in my computer chair giggling.
I could feel your frusteration through your words on this blog. Dang you're funny.