Sunday, May 18, 2008

IIHF World Championship Part 1

I know most of you have seen the pictures on facebook. But the following are the stories behind the pictures, and also some of the pictures in high quality.

When I first heard the Championship was coming to Halifax I wasn't very excited. In May all my hockey focus is on the NHL playoffs. Even as May 1st rolled around I didn't really care, I didn't buy tickets or anything. But that all changed when I went to the Team Canada pep rally where I expected to see maybe three or four players. But it turned out the entire team was there! I got a few autographs while the players were still on the platform (Giordano and Gagner). I thanked Sam Gagner for helping me win my hockey pool and he smile, that is probably my favourite picture from the day. The players were in a rush to get back for a practice, but I was able to catch some of the players and get autographs and my photographer (Jeff Burton) took some great pictures as well. It was fun being downtown seeing all the excitement building for the tournament. There were lots of kids around and delicious hamburgers as part of a fundraiser. After the rally I went home and bought quarter-final tickets. Since I was in field school I missed almost the entire preliminary round.

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