Friday, May 30, 2008

My special friend

One of my most favourtist peoples in the whole wide world comes home tomorr.....errrr today! Since it is early morning when I am writing this. In fact by the time I wake up, she'll probably be back here in Halitown.


julia said...

what is with you guys and putting these HORRIBLE pics of me up?? haha

Anonymous said...

the look on your face Briggins is PRICELESS, it looks like your either on morphine, a lot of morphine, crack, cocaine or your just love in love.....

Caleb, Matt and Ry

alli said...

i was just going to say, i absolutely LOVE this picture, then reading julia's comment made me laugh so hard! I cant wait to go home and see you two on that couch again! A normal day in the CHurchill house hold!!

Briggins said...

Alli, you have a way with words.

I am disturbed.

alli said...

OK CLEARIFICATION for my previous post...which apparently seemed 'dirty'. You sick minded people, get your heads out of the gutters!
*I am excited to go home and see you both!!!. There. Does that sound better to you?

julia said...

yea. you're funny, Alli.
You gotta say though, it did sound halarious.
nos vemos pronto Alli!!!!!