Saturday, June 07, 2008

100 Things To Do While Bored In Bio

This list was compiled during the fall semester of school last year. The majority of the list was made during bio and stats. If you had stats you will understand where the boredom came from. If you endured Evolution, you will also understand where this boredom came from. The authors and ideas for the list came from: myself, Julia, Jeff, Krista L., and Krista B. Original spelling preserved.

100. Feel your whole body falling slowly to sleep and doing nothing about it
99. Tell life stories while whispering loudly/annoying everyone around you
98. Be mesmorized by the profs different dreamy accents
97. sing songs to yourself in your head
96. make a christmas list
95. plan your wek
94. snack
93. make redonkulous lists
92. vandalize your neighbour's body with your pen or highlighter
91. laugh at the profs lameo jokes, and laugh even harder when they're actually funny
90. consider streaking
89. work up the nerve
88. do the deed, run buck naked thru the lecture
87. laugh at how everyone else is equally bored
86. create the worlds best chilli recipe
85. judge people and who they are based on their laptop desktop background
84. consider learning Czech so you can have something to talk to your bio prof.
83. On second though, no don't learn Czech
82. laugh at people snoring
81. draw fractals
80. spontanously break into "Hey Jude"
79. - 45. The following were written but lost. When found they will be posted.

44. Laugh at your prof for repeating the same lameo stories
43. call/text people
42. Make trees on your laptop
41. Make cool fonts for your name
40. watch people play pinball
39. keep track of everytime somebody coughs
38. make animal noises
37. see how many words you can make from the letters in your name
36. graffit
35. analyse the graffiti on your desk
34. start buying candy for next years hallowe'en
33. work on next years halloween costume
32. start a cult
31. write an acrostic poem about mother theresa
30. write a letter to Santa
29. consider the possibilite of what would happen if you could lose weight by being bored
28. figure out how many days until your 35th birthday
27. Play "Man?Woman? or Animal?"
26. Pick contestants for survivor
25. try and find the most manly female in the room
24. count your skin cells


julia said...

what about jenni??

tori said...

Haha. This is funny because its all so true.

Jenn said...

Thanks, for that Briggins, what about Chris too, i thought he did some.

My fav was rate people if they're hot or not by the back of their head.

Anonymous said...

my favorite by far is #29.