Saturday, July 05, 2008

Malagash 2008: Training Week

Training week was here, and now its gone. Training was shorter in time this year compared to last year, and there were a few less bodies around as well. We had a fun-filled action packed week where we were trained for whatever the campers and the camp experience might throw our way.
The first night the boys and girls built separate forts in the lounge to sleep in. While the girls created a mass comprised of all the couch and chair cushions, the boys went on to construct a huge fort. Have you ever seen a fort that had too spacious rooms for the 4 boys to sleep in, complete with adjustable roofs. Behind the rooms we had a spacious "lounging" area equipped with a laptop for music, a disco ball, and some flashing lights.
We were spoiled with the most delicious of meals, and desserts that made were so good you felt guilty about eating them. Luckily we did lots of work outdoors to work off just a little bit of the food we had just ate. Lots of work was spent working on the chapel skit and full time skit, and also work on the songs preparing for chapel next week.
Keeping the tradition alive, the staff traveled into the bustling town of Pugwash to watch their spectacular Canada Day fireworks. While there were no major exciting events, it was nice getting to know some of the other staff better. Unfortunately approximately 8.2 days of our lives were lost by the smokers beside us who just didn't know how to butt out!
The girls grew closer this week when they were locked in the janitors closet for a little while one evening. Why all of the female staff were in a small room you can be locked inside, I do not know. They got back by locking us all out of the lodge by locking and closing every single door, window, nook, and cranny.
Before we knew it, the week was over and the weekend was here. Today we all went to Taddie to pick my favourite berry; the red, plump, and delicious strawberry. It was a perfect day for picking as it wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold. And who wouldn't like eating, errr picking strawberries!

Quotable quotes and notable notes of the week:
"Cool whip" - Ryan
"Is that your angry voice?" - Jeff after Natalie says "Ryann"
"There goes the Christian"
"Would you rather be a King's student or unemployed?"
"The Mint Quat is leaking!"


dave said...

Good song choice kid, "Strawberry Swing" is so fitting. Check out there website there is videos of a live show from good morning america or something.

Tor said...

Haha, looks like an amazing

ps: nice chioce of song, its just works. ha

Jenn said...

Nice song choice Brigs.

J.Burton said...

Nice video. I love the pic at 1:41 in the video where we both look like we had an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
You forgot to add fragel to the quotes though :)