Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something for All of Us

Well as all of you who know me must know, I'm home from camp. Just for a few short days. I'm off to P.E.I. tomorrow. But in the fall when I get back there will be some hardcore bloggage since I have 7 more weeks of camp to post pictures from and also blog about.
Also I have a plethora of concerts to attend in September so there will be lots of concert reviews as well.
My fall line-up so far:
September 3rd - Wintersleep @ DAL. Concert mates: Jenni
September 13th - The Trews @ The Marquee. Concert mates: Jenni and Dave
September 14th - Apostle of Hustle and Bloc Party @ The Marquee. Concert mates: Lauren and Owen
September 27th - Jason Collett @ The Seahorse Tavern. Concert mates: Jessie

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Jenn said...

Do it up Hardcore.