Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Mixtape

It has been a while. June was the last time I posted a mixtape. For the months of July and August I was working at camp so I didn't really have time to make a mixtape. September, well I have no excuse really. But what I have decided to do is a "fall mixtape" that covers what I've been listening to the last couple months. I will have one more "winter mixtape" at the end of November, and then a "Best of 2008" year end mixtape.
This mixtape features seven songs by artists I have seen in the past couple months or will be seeing soon. (City and Colour, Bloc Party, Wintersleep, Apostle of Hustle, Jose Gonzalez, Stars, Jason Collett).

11 Songs
48 Minutes

1. Apostle of Hustle - Folkloric Feel
2. Brendan Canning - Churches Under the Stairs
3. Bon Iver - For Emma
4. City and Colour - The Death of Me
5. Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountain
6. Jose Gonzalez - Killing for Love
7. Jason Collet - Hangover Days
8. Stars - Window Bird
9. Wintersleep - Laser Beams
10. Bloc Party - Better Than Heaven
+ Bonus track

Get it.


julia said...

glad to see you're back on track. :)

Tor said...

Hum, got some oldies in there. Nice. This is a very good combonation of musik. Yes.