Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday In Rainbows

I don't usually make happy birthday posts for albums. But In Rainbows is one of the albums that I was super excited for it to be released, and when it was released I listened to it non-stop. The only other album that did that for me was How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb by U2. (Keep in mind I have only been properly buying albums for the past four or five years. One special thing about this album is the fact it hasn't grown old for me. Just last week I was walking home at night along a dark path listening to Reckoner and still was getting chills. That is when you know an album is special.
I remember waking up extra early a year ago today to download the album and being blown away. Over the past year Radiohead have put on various webcasts, had different music videos made, different remix contests, a world tour, etc. Its been a fun ride so far. I was looking back on my initial album review from October 11, 2008. For the longest time Weird Fishes/Arpreggi was my favourite song. But now I can't decide between that, House of Cards, and Reckoner. I think at the moment I enjoy House of Cards the most. " I think this is the song on the album that will slowly grow on me." It sure has. Kid A is still my favourite Radiohead album though.

In Rainbows by the numbers

2 - The physical copies of In Rainbows I have in my house. One is Matt McMullens. I didn't know I had it.

9.3 - Pitchfork media's rating of In Rainbows.

28 - Times 15 Step has been used as a show opener on the In Rainbows tour.

31 - December 31st Radiohead release their Scotch Mist webcast.

67 - Listens to Reckoner on

604 - Listens of In Rainbows songs on If you add the amounts of listens on my mp3 player and cd player, its probably disgusting.

2 252 - Remixes of Nude for their contest.

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ellie jelly said...

I think Reckoner is my favourite song at the moment. HoC is on my mobile and I hear it every time someone's calling me and I can't stop singing it. :)