Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

In some parts of the country it is still Thanksgiving. So what do you blog about on Thanksgiving?

Maybe things you are thankful. So here goes it.

Seven things I am thankful for:

1. Music. All who know me know that I love music. Tonight I've been enjoying some Neil Youg covers by Radiohead. Fleet Foxes wrote a long piece in there album sleeve that made the whole love of music thing make more sense.

2. Cousins. We went to Swiss Chalet today and they came over afterwards. It was fun to joke and laugh around with them. They are a fun bunch. And its always fun when we get the adults going when we all claim to like Ovechkin more than Crosby.

3. Friends. Its great to have people to talk and watch football/hockey with. Friends to just sit around and talk with. Friends to walk downtown on a crappy day but still make the most of it. Friends to go to Dairy Queen with and ask if there is really pumpkin pie in the pumpkin pie blizzard.

4. Oreos and Milk. What a combo. I love them.

5. Blankets. In the harsh unpredicatable climate known as Nova Scotia, warm blankets are a very nice thing.

6. The San Diego Chargers destroyed the Patriots this week. I know they didn't have Brady, and it is the regular season. But nonetheless it made me pretty happy.

7. Life. Today a hockey player just a few months younger than me died during a hockey game in Russia. Alexie Cherepanov was a very promising player who's life ended much to early. It is one of those events that just makes you appreciate all you are given.

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