Thursday, March 19, 2009

List: Top 10 female singers that are awesome

Haven't done a top 10 list for a while so here is another one. I downloaded Metric's new album Fantasies tonight and am enjoying it. The past few weeks I've been obsessed with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Portishead released one of the best albums of 2008 last year. Stars are an awesome band. I was on a Fleetwood Mac kick a few weeks back. What do these all have in common? They all feature females singing lead vocals.
For the longest time I only liked "rock music" with male vocalists. But over the past few years that has changed. While Avril Lavigne and Evanessence still makes me want to jump off a bridge, the use of female vocals on albums can have a great positive impact.
This list is of my personal favourites, so thats why people like Janis Joplin or Patti Smith are ignored. And like my previous list, this is not in order.

1. Amy Milan - Stars, solo

2. Feist - Broken Social Scene, solo

3. Emily Haines - Metric, solo

4. Lykke Li

5. Jenn Grant

6. Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood Mac, solo

7. Karen O - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

8. Beth Gibbons - Portishead, solo

9. Catherine McCandless - Young Galaxy

10. Sarah McLachlan

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