Sunday, April 19, 2009

Concert Review: Record Store Day

April 18th, 2009. Taz Records, CD Plus; Halifax
Fellow Concert goer: Joelle Grant
Artists: Joel Plaskett, The Superfantastics, Laura Merrimen, and other random artists
Yesterday was record store day, an unofficial international holiday that caused music addicts around the world to unite in massive spending on records and cds. There was an impressive and extensive amount of limited edition vinyls, cds, dvds, and other goodies as part of the celebrations. As well indpendent record stores held sales and in store performances.
Which leads us to Halifax. It was my first time to Taz Records. I didn't even know about it until I checked the Record Store Day website. Festivities stated on their website included instore performances by The Superfantastics, Laura Merrimen, Save September and "special guests". Well we were pretty lucky to stumble by when that "special guest" was performing. There were around sixty music lovers in the store watching Joel Plaskett play songs from his new triple album "Three". It was fun since it was a small and intimate affair. Joel was in fine spirits reminising about record stores that have come and gone in Halifax and telling other stories. It was a pretty cool surprise. After he played, he stuck around for a little while signing albums and vinyls, and taking pictures. I won a signed copy of his new album, and am still waiting for it in the mail. I told him about that, and thanked him in advance. He gave a good chuckle when I told him the story.
After that we went down to CD Plus where there was more live music taking place. I think it was The Lodge who were playing. Not 100% positive. We were only there for their last song. After that we headed back up to Taz Records where Laura Merrimen was finishing up her set and the Superfantastics were coming on. I had seen them a few weeks ago. They're an indie pop duo featuring guitars and drums. They seemed almost awkward up there, but they were hilarious telling stories such as how the ending to one of their songs was the Doom metal version. They were good nonetheless.
It was just a fun day, the weather was perfect, people were out BUYING music, and listening to live music and talking about music rather than just sitting down at a computer downloading music. Unfortunately I don't have a record player, so no vinyl for me. But I did buy a used copy of TV on the Radio's album Return to Cookie Mountain and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album It's Blitz (which is awesome by the way).

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