Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Concer Review: k-os

May 16th, 2009. Cunard Center, Halifax
Fellow Concert goers: Alli Churchill, Joelle Grant, Matthew Bustin
Headliner: k-os
Supporting: Lioness

k-os was in Halifax this past weekend wrapping up his karma tour for his new album Yes! The way the shows worked was entry was free to enter, but fans had the option of making a karma donation for the show including options to donate to the David Suzuki Foundation. If you made a donation you also received a copy of his fan remixed album. An interesting idea to say the least.
I went to the show with Matt (finally got to see a show together), Alli (only because she didn't want to miss something epic), and Joelle (because she is epic). I don't think any of us were die-hard k-os fans, but we all got into it. Putting up our hands when told to (some of us more enthusiastically than others). After standing in line and once again being bombarded with Rogers urMusic propaganda (which luckily me and Joelle pulled the not interested face off pretty good) we were able to go in and watch Lioness which was okay at some points, but painful at others. Perhaps the most entertaining part was watching/avoiding the two guys infront of us who were slightly intoxicated and very into the music. Luckily they ran off when Lioness did.
Finall k-os took to the stage in a large jacket and started off a loud and energetic performance. The band supporting him featured a talented guitar player, bass player, drummer, percussionist, and DJ. It was the first time I'd ever been to a rap/hip hop show, and must say it was entertaining to watch. Definitely different from a rock concert. Although k-os incorporates a variety of genres and instruments into his performances. At times he would play the harmonica, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and keyboards. He played a bunch of songs off of his new album including 4 3 2 1, Burning Bridges, and I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman. As well he played some of his hit songs such as Crabbuckit, Sunday Morning, and Man I Used to Be. Although the crowd wasn't the most energetic thing in the world, k-os seemed to be enjoying his time here. I guess with an all ages show that is pay-what-you-want you'll get an interesting mix of people. There was everything from little kids to older grownups.

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