Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playoff Journal Part VI

Eastern Conference Champions Pittsburgh Penguins versus Western Conference Champions Detroit Red Wings
Wait a second, wasn't this the matchup last year for the Cup? And what's that Hossa guy doing wearing a Red Wings jersey this time around? A plethora of games have been played since last years Stanley Cup final between the Pens and the Wings, but they've led to the same result: a matchup featuring two high skilled teams who play a precise and exciting offensive style of hockey. This time around the Penguins are more experienced than last year, and more hungry than last year. However not much has changed since last year other than the Wings perhaps becoming even better with Hossa up front. Franzen has shown he is not just a one hit wonder as once again he is lighting it up. As well Dan Cleary has become a playoff monster this time around. Osgood has stepped up his game for the playoffs and has proven that he can make the big save when needed. With the Penguins, they have the same solid core as last year led by Crosby and Malkin up front. Both of them have been providing the big goals that would be expected of the two young stars.
So it has all the makings of a good final once again. Who wins? I'm going to go with a repeat here for the Wings mainly because I think their defense is superior to the Penguins.
Prediction: Red Wings in six

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