Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Decade In Music: Personal Reflections Part 2

Sr. Highschool Late 2003- mid 2006

By the start of Sr. High, I had purchased a bunch more U2 records as well as their Live from Boston DVD. In grade 11 I went on a trip to Boston and saw them perform on the Vertigo Tour. Their album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb was released on my mom's birthday in November 2005. I never had been, and never have been so excited for an album as this one. I listened to the daylights out of this album. I was completely obsessed with U2 listening to their entire discography at any given moment.

Another significant moment in Highschool came in early July of 2004 when I was the sickest that I've ever been. During this time CBC showed Coldplay's show from Sydney Australia which is on the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD. Usually when you are sick you play lots of videogames and watch lots of TV. I did neither. I just watched/listened to the recording that I made of this onto VHS and craved Subway which unfortunately I could not stomach. This started off a big love of Coldplay and had them firmly entrenched as my favourite band after U2. The release of X&Y was a special day as a bunch of us skipped class to walk to Future Shop and pick up the album and then all walked into Physics with Mr. D (we were all late) and listened to the album in our discmans and gave the thumbs up to each other as we heard songs like White Shadow for the first time. My friend Alex also introduced me too a bunch of bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Trews, and Pink Floyd. All of which I grew to really like. All these influences caused me to love other British bands such as Keane,Oasis, and the Killers who are from Las Vegas but sounded like they were a British band on their debut album Hot Fuss. A fond memory I have of that album is walking down a beach with Colin in Cape Breton blasting Everything Will Be Alright and buying way too many slushes.

The Junos were held in Halifax in March of 2003 when I was finishing up Grade 11. Coldplay were playing one song, but I wasn't willing to dish out the big bucks to see them play one song and have to suffer through Nickelback and the Black Eyed Peas. Luckily there were other exciting and free music events including a show with Joel Plaskett Emergency, Matt Mays, the Trews, Jimmy Rankin, and Garrett Mason. All of these Nova Scotian artists were my among my favourites, and still are some of my favourite musicians. The show was downtown and I had never been in such a large area filled with so many people standing for 5 plus hours. There was no room to move anywhere and my ears rang for a day straight after, but it was all worth it.

The last couple weeks of highschool while I was studying and preparing for graduation/prom and all that fun stuff I started listening to The Eraser by Thom Yorke. An album that would radically alter my listening tastes during my university years.

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Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny. I remember watching that Coldplay concert on CBC,too. It also made me a huge fan. When they finished up the show by playing "Amsterdam", I think I fell in love.