Friday, September 15, 2006

Intro to blog

Well I'm pretty sure I already set up a blog somewhere but I can't remember the address or anything like that, and I do use myspace. But I'm not one of those obsessive myspace people who are always talking to random people 24/7 and posting on their favourite band's site saying 'I love you guys, you are all hot". So why have a blog? Do people actually read these things? Why do people read these things? Maybe it is because they are hoping I say something nice about them or post a cool picture. Or maybe there are some weird stalkers out there who are hoping I will give away the cordinates to my house so they can watch me on google Earth. Or maybe some day I will become a psychotic criminal and I will leave clues on this blog as to why I went crazy and how my love for sports has actually been slowly corrupting me all these years. Chances of me becoming a criminal are pretty slim because of my conscience but I do think mysteries are one of the coolest things ever invented. (Who creates mysteries I wonder?)

If you actually read this let me know so I don't waste anymore trees.


jula said...

read it.

Jenn said...

That picture was taken with my camera! :) Good Job on making a blog dude! I hope to hear about your summer at camp! Talk to you later, Take care

Christiane said...

Read your blog dude. Read your comment on mine...I agree :) I AM one of those stalkers you mentioned...look out :P And I already know where you live... haha.

Hope you talk about your summer at camp... I'd love to read your thoughts (in a non-stalker sort of way)

Later :)

beth konrath said...

read your blog ! :)
cant wait for more posts; talk to you soon & have a good weekend