Monday, October 30, 2006

Going to try something new

Yeah I am going to try and update this blog with something to read every day or second day at least. It may range from an in-depth look at the thoughts in my brain, to a dumb joke I heard during to the day, to some song I can't get out of my head. I also want to do a few album reviews. I've been mentally trying to figure out what the best album has been so far in 2006. There are so many to chose from. Tonight my intelligence juices aren't exactly flowing like the Nile.

But here is a good joke/threat I heard yesterday:
"Don't say anything unless you are craving hospital food."

I hope I get to use that one in a real life situation.


jula said...

glad to hear that you're taking Alison's advice and going with the "I pooped today" blogging style.

Alison said...

That line is one we could have used many times over this past weekend!

Alison said...

it's now Tuesday.....where is your post?!?

beth konrath said...

i like all the new posts :)

i dont understand that joke thing. you ll have to explain it to me

have a great halloween.

what was your costume going to be?