Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Its tuesday and its Haloween

So weird things that happened today; I was down at the church visiting Hudson with Ryan. On our walk home a big black crow was awaiting us outside the door. Next we snuck up behind the church and a black cat ran out from the leaves. And then when we got by my house we saw a black bunny. As in a rabbit! You never see rabbits just randomly hopping around. We were slightly freaked out. But not as freaked out as the kids will be when they see my halloween costume. Well actually I'm not going to wear it because lets just say it is a little bit inappropriate and could scar some kids for life. But I am looking forward to getting some free candy. ( :
Tomorrow I'll try and get some pictures up of me and Ryan's wonderful costumes.

-Happy Halloween

p.s. Isn't the orange text so halo-weenie?

1 comment:

Alison said...

Briggins you are so very halooweenie!

Hope you hads a great time...we had Matt and Lyndsy and David stop by here and we made them sing for their treats!!!