Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Summer Part 2

So where did we leave off? Okay waking up at 7:00 a.m. to go back to camp after playing Super Mario Bros. 3 until 3:30 a.m. When I got back to camp I was pretty much a zombie. I was out of it during our meetings and Fi was nice enough to let me have a nap while everybody was out doing lots of hard work. I guess I'm just really lethargic. (a word Jim called the boys during training week. It became regular camp speak amongst ourselves for the rest of the summer. That was the second time I got out of work, the first being the infamous Coke truck incedent. Anna rigged it, not me. Training week was awesome for getting into the right mind-set for a summer of camp, getting into the Word, and just commiting everything to God. It was also good to get to know people, I mean I don't even know if I had ever spoken to Ashley, Anna, or Sarah before then. And I was still scared of Laura. (Laura became very cool in my books when she joined in on the stair bobsled Olympics) Oh and how could I forget to mention Carol was cooking. Enough said.

Week 1 of camp was Jr. Teens I. I was co-councilling with Dave that week. We had quite the interesting cabin that week. We never heard a word out of their mouths about girls unless we initiated the conversation. They would say the weirdest things, do the weirdest things, and go on the swings alomst 24/7. I loved it, they were so random; especiall Mark a.k.a. Doug. I'll never forget the look on his face when he was giving Laura that massage, or when he walked into the cabin after Jordi has just farted. Physically it was a rough week for me. First of all Josh dropped the shoulder on me from behind during the push-briggs-around-in-a-circle-after-he-just-woke-up game. There was some snap and crackle and my neck is still very sore to this day. I think I should seek professional help. (for my neck, not mental sanity) Also Sarah grapped my flesh during steal-the-bacon slip n' slide style. I had quite the bruise on my arm. And then a few minutes later I had an entire raw egg blown down my throat in the egg tube game. I still gag when I think about it, it was completely gross. The speaker that week was Matt Walsh and he did an awesome job. I almost fell asleep during every chapel but it had nothing to do with the speaking but everything to do with the overtiredness.

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The cool guys, Dave and Briggins. And OH! That was the other injury. We played body-to-body and in the final round me and my partner were sprinting at each other, did a slide baseball style, and banged shins super hard and ended up limping around and with big bruises for a couple days.

Week 2 of Camp

Week two of camp was Sr. Teens 1. We had a grand total of 14 campers, only two of them being of the male gender. I got regulated to bathroom cleaning duties but it wasn't that bad. With such small numbers things weren't overly dirty. I spent countless hours that week peeling crayons that were part of the craft. I was sort of bitter I didn't get to paint a shadow box but instead had to paint rocks.
Other things to add to the slightly bitter list include not going into Taddy to get slushies. It's not like I love slushies or anything haha. Oh well, I just got to spend more quality time with Dave, Chris, and the Owl. That was the week of the owl. There was this stinky scary looking Owl we found which we planted in various places in Fi's living quarters multiple times a day. She was horrified of it. One night she thought I was by her bed holding the owl, so I effectively got into her had and had her completely paranoid. I don't know what is scarier in this picture, me or the owl. I'll let you judge.
Other highlights of the week include:
The forming of the Dutch group the Owls and their frontman Onob who made various cameos throughout the summer. More on him some other time.
Also we had Malagash Idol and I played the role of Simon and ended up leaving the show after an arguement with over happy Paula Abdul or Sarah Howitt. It was loads of fun though.
And I had an amazing come from behind win in Dutch Blitz.


david j. marsh said...

oh how hilarious that cabin was just reading this makes me laugh

Jenn said...

1. Sarah is terrifying in steal the bacon!
2. That owl is so freaky, but i think in that picture you are more scarier!
This makes me think of all the fun times had this summer, it was awesome. and i still laugh when i think of all the random stuff that happened.

Karen said...

I like it how I was the only girl you had spoken to before camp- must be the fantasy sports connection of families, and how you were afraid of Laura, I laughed aloud.

In the back of the pic of you and Dave you can see me, and I miss that hat!


Briggins said...

Man the males (get the pun) in our families love our fantasy sports. Haha

Those red hats were the bomb.