Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Summer Part 3

Will this be my last post about the summer? We'll see when we get to the end.

Grades 3-5
We're now at week 3 of camp with campers. This camp is the little rascals week or grades 3-5. I had a small cabin of 5 monsters. There may have only been 5 of them but they were crazy and didn't like to listen or be told where/what to do. At least they went to bed when I told them (either that or my fan drowned them out completely) I don't have any pictures of the week to kind of remind me of any highlights. I did turn 18 which resulted in a dump into the ocean, but I saw it coming. And there was Harold and Matthew who did mail call everyday. I think the kids just thought that me and Chris were slightly wierd.

Grades 5-7
Grades 5-7 was a good week. My jr. was Matt Mcmullen which was awesome. I hadn't seen any Mcmullens all summer up till' that point so it was fun seeing and working with Ryan and Matt. Both of them did an awesome job that week, especially Ry with the challenging cabin he had and the maturity and wisdom he showed in those situations. Me and Matt had a cool cabin, but also one with lots of hurt so that was an interesting situation and it was neat to see God the Comforter at work. They were also a little crazy. They liked to sing the Badger cabin. And one morning I had a nervous breakdown because my alarm clock Russel died and we all had some cabin hysterical crying time. With over 100 campers things got rather chaotic at times. Who can forget the infamous stretcher races. It seemed like alot of work for something that fell apart so easily.
And who could forget Wild Will. He taught us some pretty sweet wrestling moves. I thought one of us guys was going to get broken, but Dave didn't kill me. (In fact he was one of the few people not to hurt me this summer physically. Emotionally he broke me all the time - not really)

The wrestlers: Chris, James, Josh, Dave, Will, and myself

Family Camp (featuring pictures you won't find anywhere else online. All the other ones I 'borrowed' from other people. My mother took these ones)

So family camp was nice because my whole family was there and my grandmother too. I got to eat almost every meal with them. It's weird being away from your house and family for weeks on end. Every morning started with a trek from the Beige House up the hill down to the lodge and the rest of civiliazation. The guys dorm was being used by campers that week. (second week in a row. I'll share the bedouin counselor story later on.) Staff meeting was later than usual. Those extra few minutes of sleep were very precious since we lost some on the other end. It was weird having my own room. Most nights us guys would all cram into one of the room (or floor) and have bonding time.

Family camp also featured a Broadway like performance by the drama/skit team. Well the parents laughed at it alot. They got all the little jokes that the kids don't understand. And there was also some pretty sweet improv going on their too. We also got like a million encouragement notes on the encouragement board telling us how good we were. Okay maybe not a million, but there was one which we re-read multiple times a day and also a few we wrote to ourselves. And also I remembered my lines for the majority of it for once. Ashley did keep up with her usual cutting people off though. Oh Pearl. I'm sure there were more cool things that happened that week but I can't completely remember them. Anyways here are a few more pictures from the week. Until next update.....


david j. marsh said...

Oh wild will just thinking about that makes me laugh. That was probably one of the funnest things that happened in the summer. But briggs i think the last pic is kinda inappropriate you can see my under armour. Notice a) shorts are white b) the left short leg is kinda riding.

Karen said...

I like seeing Dave's under armour- this website is great by the way. Good pics- and I had no idea you were such a writer. Good lengths, not too long so no one actually reads it, but long enough to make me smile and miss camp.