Saturday, December 23, 2006

2006 In Music Part 5

This is the part where I talk about my live experiences. Since I live in Halifax I don't have access to that many bands. The Rolling Stones did come here but I didn't bother trying to sneak in or watch since I was studying for an exam that day. We did have the Juno awards here and non other than Coldplay were there. But I'm sorry, I wasn't going to dish out $70 to see them play one song and have to sit through Nickleback and the Black Eyed Peas. Gasp that would be horrible!

However I did enjoy the free concert before the Junos. It featured some home grown Nova Scotian talent: Jimmy Rankin, The Trews, Matt Mays + El Torpedo, and Joel Plasket. That was a grand old time but standing up for 6 hours and being squished by hundreds of people in a small area wasn't the best. Man there was a lot of pot being smoked too.

Joel Plaskett was awesome and seemed quite amazed by the large crowd in his hometown. Matt Mays also did an excellent job although Matt's voice was a little raspy and not the best. At one point he climbed up the staging during'On the Hood'. I'm sure his manager was a little nervous. And then the Trews completely rocked. They had a high energy and loud set which included all their best songs and a few of my personal favourites. My ears rang for a complete 2 days after that. I think I damaged my hearing forever.

The next day I had the privaledge of seeing the Toronto based band Pilate (now known as Pilot Speed). Two members of the band where there and played a 5 song acoustic set. Only 30 people were there so it was pretty intimate. I felt like a little kid at the library, sitting on the floor right in front of the performer. And it was fun being there with the biggest pilate fan I know (Yolande).

Later on in the year I got to see my favourite Canadian band, Our Lady Peace. It was an awesome show and it was special seeing it with some of my best friends and big OLP fans. There were 3 opening bands, which in my opinion was too many. However I did really enjoy Jets Overhead. I recommend checking them out. During the OLP show it was cool when Raine invited all kinds of fans to stand behind the band on stage. Their set included all there classics but they still sounded fresh and were well done. They also performed many songs from their latest full studio album Healthy In Paranoid Times. The new songs were great live. They also played the song Kiss On the Mouth, among the first few times it was ever played live.

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