Friday, December 22, 2006

2006 In Music Part 4

Well here it is, the top album of 2006 in my opinion. It was very hard for me to choose between these two but after much toiling in my head I have come to a conclusion.

In the number 2 spot comes....

2.Muse - Black Holes & Revelations
Well where can I start? This album set me on a crazy obsession with Muse which has resulted in my downloading multiple live gigs, albums, instrumentals, acoustic songs, b-sides, and the like. As a whole I think this album is sheer genius. Right from the opening track Take a Bow to the end with the epic song Knights of Cydonia. The album is politically charged and this is highlighted by songs such as Exo-Politics, Take a Bow, and Assassin which says "the time has come to shoot your leader down". Matt's vocals throughout the album are simply amazing as he hits many high notes. Knights of Cydonia is the type of song that stirs Braveheart like emotions deep inside the soul and just makes you want to stand up. Listening to this album has actually made me *gasp* like Muse more than Coldplay. If you don't own this album, change that.
Tracks to download: Starlight, Map of Problematique, Knights of Cydonia, City of Dilusion

1. Razorlight - Razorlight
What makes an album more than just good or great? Well when every single song on the album is worth listening to and you don't reach for the 'skip track' button, thats what makes an album special. There aren't to many albums I can say that about but Razorlights self-titled second album I can say that. The album is only 35 minutes long but that just means that its all good straight forward rock and roll with no filler. I have listened to the opening track In The Morning countless times but am yet to grow tired of it. The songs are all short but they are dang catchy and get stuck in your head. I'm sort of glad that they aren't huge over here in Canada because I feel like they are a band I can call my own. I don't have to share them with the radio and Much Music, who tend to take good things and destroy them, or play crap music and destroy it even more. I give this an album a big 5 stars and two thumbs way up.
Tracks to download:In the Morning, Who Need Love?, Hold On, America, Before I Fall To Peices, I Can't Stop This Feeling, Los Angeles Waltz

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Anonymous said...

I woulda went with Muse on this one but you wrote really good reviews. A+ for me