Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well the first day wasn't too bad. The only class I went to was in the LSC which is a creepy old building with wierd shapes, weird lights, weird paint jobs, and well just overall wierd. Ahmed was on the money when he said that the hallways remind him of a subway station, that dead sound, the random rushes of cool air, the stone faces on everybody. Just being away from school for a month I forgot how strange some people are and how people seem to forget how to laugh when placed in a large non-personal setting.
Nonetheless I was rescued from boredum by Julia which was a pleasant suprise and the wierd looking tomato-egg-ham omelet was really really good, first non-cereal breakfast I have had in a long time. We watched part of Pulp Fiction, that movie is messed but I liked the way it was directed.

If you're bored and want to check out some cool music, check out Wake Up by the Contact.

If you're looking for some more good local Nova Scotian talent check out the Jimmy Swift Band.

The 80s Runway Model is a sweet song.

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Tim said...

Hey great Blog! I'm definitly bookmarking this one. Great taste in music. Have you listened to Wintersleeps newest album. I can't stop playing it...