Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh! Gravity.

The above picture is by Salvado Dali. What made me think of that you ask? Yesterday playing who wants to be a millionaire a question about it came up and Julia didn't know what the painting was so here it is. Also she demonstrated today that gravity always wins. And that thought led to Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead getting stuck in my head:

"But gravity always wins And it wears him out, it wears him outIt wears him out, it wears him out"

P.s. The title from this post is the album name of Switchfoot's new cd which actually has a few good songs on it at the end. The begining is boring though.


julia said...

how did i prove that gravity always wins?

Briggins said...

The falling notes in psych and the your eyelids seemed to want to shut.

julia said...

ooh yeaaaa. I was soooo tired.