Thursday, April 26, 2007

Capture the Flag

So I finished school finally on Monday (unlike Julia, Ryan, and Dave who were all done over a week before me). And it feels nice just to laze around in my pajamas, play video games, listen to music, sleep in, and just enjoy the beautiful weather. I've already seen two movies on my break, Shooter and Fracture. I recommend both. Me and Ry have a little streak going on, 4 good movies in a row. No crap like Roll Bounce, Man of the House, or Weatherman.

The highlight of today would have to be the big game of Capture the Flag we played at Park West. Its fun to play camp like games with camp like people during non-camp months. There was a turnout of around 25 people which made it all the better. We all realized how out of shape we really were. I also discovered that a leap of faith to tag somebody can be painful when you land on the palms of your hands instead of your feet. It was a good spontaneous idea by Jordan. I'm hoping to organize some similar events every second week or so. Its better than sitting at home watching tv or instant messaging.

Well here are some photos stolen from Amy.

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